Yan Solo's "Atlantis" - A Melodic Journey Through Sound


Yan Solo embarks on an electrifying journey with his latest track, "Atlantis," released under Deep Woods Music. This 2024 debut not only marks a significant milestone for Yan Solo but also showcases his exceptional talent in the realm of melodic techno and house music. "Atlantis" invites listeners on an immersive adventure, characterized by its intricate melodies, uplifting synths, and a drop that packs a powerful punch. The track's aggressive LFO lead, coupled with deep bassline stabs and a funky rhythm, maintains the dark, melodic techno vibe that fans have come to love and expect.

Hailing from the vibrant local electronic underground scene, Yan Solo's journey to international recognition has been nothing short of meteoric. His unique melodic soundscapes have caught the attention of renowned labels across North America and Europe, solidifying his position as a distinguished artist within South Africa's avid electronic music community. Yan Solo's music is a rich tapestry that blends various genres, including electronic house and melodic techno, with experimental works that pay homage to his Persian heritage and South African upbringing. Through his music, Yan Solo revives the age-old tradition of storytelling, creating a sound that's instantly recognizable for its unique synth design and captivating bass lines.

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