Kaysin x DOUG! - "Wildstyle" Ignites the Tech House Scene


A Fresh Tech House Anthem

Kaysin, a seasoned figure in Southern California's vibrant music scene, has teamed up with DOUG! to release their latest record, "Wildstyle," under the renowned label Terminal Underground. This track promises to be a significant addition to the tech house landscape, showcasing the unique synergy between Kaysin's polished production skills and DOUG!'s dynamic creative flair.

About Kaysin: A Pillar of the SoCal Music Scene

Kaysin's journey through music began in Santa Barbara during his college years, where he was captivated by house music's rhythmic complexity and emotional depth. This inspiration led him to explore music production and DJing, marking the start of a promising career. Kaysin has since celebrated numerous successes, including impactful releases on labels such as Repopulate Mars, South Of Saturn, and Get Twisted, garnering hundreds of thousands of streams and support from top-tier DJs. Not to mention, his music has graced the airwaves of KISS FM and achieved top 10 charting positions on Beatport.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Kaysin not only continues to create compelling music but also contributes to the industry as an A&R for Repopulate Mars & South Of Saturn. His live performances, which have energized crowds in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, and at various festivals, highlight his ability to connect with audiences and bring his records to life.

Looking Ahead

As 2021 unfolds, Kaysin is set to captivate the electronic music community with an array of original tracks and high-profile collaborations. "Wildstyle" with DOUG! is just a glimpse of what's to come from this talented artist.

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