BEPE x Dom James (UK) Drop Tech House Banger 'I'LL BE THERE' on FREAK


The Pulse of London's Underground: 'I'LL BE THERE'

London's tech house scene just got a thrilling boost with BEPE and Dom James' latest collaboration, 'I'LL BE THERE,' released under the FREAK imprint on 15th March 2024. This track is not just a song; it's a vibrant journey through the depths of underground house music, seasoned with a playful jazzy flair. With its release on Will Taylor's FREAK label, the song is set to electrify peak-time dancefloors and packed club spaces alike.

A Fusion of Talents and Textures

BEPE and Dom James, both revered names in the London music scene, have brought together their unique sounds for this joint EP. 'I'LL BE THERE' showcases a blend of bumpy grooves, glitchy percussive elements, and rough analogue textures, all driven by a powerful low-end bass. The creative vocal play adds an engaging layer to the track, making it an essential for tech house enthusiasts.

Meet the Maestros

BEPE, a staple in the UK's club scene since 2014, has made waves as the A&R and Label Manager of Solaris Records. Known for his appearances at iconic UK venues and events, BEPE's productions have garnered support from industry giants like Paco Osuna and Will Taylor.

Dom James, on the other hand, has evolved from his Hip Hop and UK Garage roots to become a tech house powerhouse. With a career spanning nearly three decades, James has performed at some of London's most prestigious clubs and expanded his reach to international stages, making waves in both the London and Spanish rave scenes.

A Must-Have for Tech House Fans

'I'LL BE THERE' is a testament to BEPE and Dom James' innovative approach to music production. It encapsulates the spirit of the underground scene while injecting a fresh, playful energy into the tech house genre. Available for download and streaming since 15th March 2024, this track is a must-have for your playlist.

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