"George Smeddles Unleashes 'Something Funky' in His Latest House Anthem"


UK-based House music maestro, George Smeddles, is kicking off 2024 with a bang! Returning to his own South Records label, Smeddles has just dropped part one of his much-anticipated 'For The Music' EP. Released on 15th March 2024, this latest endeavor is a testament to George's deep-rooted passion and evolving craftsmanship in the House music scene.

'Something Funky', the lead single from the EP, encapsulates George Smeddles' signature blend of classic and contemporary House music. With a career that has spanned over impressive labels like Moan Recordings, PIV, and Meta, Smeddles' unique sound pays homage to the genre's roots in Chicago and New York, while infusing it with avant-garde elements that set him apart as one of House music's most exciting talents.

George Smeddles isn't just a name; it's a burgeoning brand synonymous with quality House music. From his breakout hit 'Shake Your Body' in 2018 to chart-toppers like 'Start The Party', Smeddles has shown an unyielding dedication to his craft. His work has not only topped charts but has also seen him collaborate with industry giants and remix classic hits, firmly establishing him as a powerhouse in the global music scene.

His performances, too, are nothing short of legendary. Having taken the stage at iconic venues like fabric in London and Amnesia in Ibiza, and festivals including CRSSD and Glastonbury, George Smeddles has proven his mettle as a live performer, captivating audiences worldwide.

As 'For The Music Pt.1' hits the airwaves, it's clear George Smeddles is poised for another landmark year. With a repertoire that continues to grow and a schedule brimming with gigs, Smeddles' journey is a riveting one to follow for any House music aficionado.

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