"Soirée Nostalgie" by BULLE: A Musical Journey Through Emotions and Memories


In her latest single, "Soirée Nostalgie," BULLE invites us into a deeply personal exploration of memories and emotions. This song serves as the opening to her ambitious project, "Capsule Temporelle," where each track is a dive into the myriad feelings that our past evokes. Known for her distinctive French Dance Pop style, BULLE combines clear vocals and introspective lyrics to craft songs that resonate with listeners on a profound level.

The Essence of "Soirée Nostalgie"

"Soirée Nostalgie" is more than just a song; it's an invitation to reflect on the moments that define us. Through her music, BULLE embarks on a journey into the complex waters of human emotions and memories, encouraging her audience to do the same. This track stands out as a poignant homage to the experiences that shape our lives, offering listeners a unique musical experience that's both reflective and deeply moving.


With a background far removed from the artistic world, BULLE's journey into music began on intimate stages a decade ago. Her evolution from these humble beginnings to the studio and beyond showcases her undeniable fit within the musical universe. Her upcoming EP, "Noir sur blanc," expected by the end of 2022, promises to delve into the uniqueness of individual experiences, advocating for self-love and intuition over societal expectations and judgments. BULLE draws inspiration from the simplicities of life, her upbringing, travels, and love.

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