Jun Wilder's Latest Tech House Anthem - "If I Asked You" (Dance) [Radio Edit]


Jun Wilder, a name that's becoming increasingly familiar in the EDM circuit, has just dropped his latest track, "If I Asked You" (Dance) [Radio Edit], a tech house gem that's poised to become a mainstay on dance floors and playlists alike. Originally hailing from the vibrant streets of New York, NY, and now crafting beats from North Carolina, Wilder brings an infectious blend of high-energy tech house grooves, deep punchy bass, and captivating melodies to the table.

Wilder's musical journey is one of passion and dedication. From a young age, he's been fine-tuning his ear for distinctive and authentic sounds, a skill that's evident in his productions. His style is a breath of fresh air in the tech house scene, with remixes and edits gaining recognition on several leading dance music blogs. Following his debut single, "Deepest Truth," released on Diskull’s Groovy Bone Records, "If I Asked You" promises to build on this momentum with its engaging rhythms and innovative soundscapes.

As EDM continues to evolve, artists like Jun Wilder are at the forefront, pushing boundaries and injecting fresh energy into the genre. Wilder’s commitment to quality and uniqueness in his work suggests a bright future, with more electrifying releases on the horizon for 2024.

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