Keeana Kee Ignites the Dance Pop Scene with "Let's Make Love"


Emerging artist Keeana Kee is making a splash in the music industry with her latest single, "Let's Make Love." Produced by DAVIX, this track showcases Keeana's unique blend of dance pop infused with elements of Afropop and Latin influences, creating a sound that's both exotic and immensely captivating. With her soulful voice and sexy lyrics, Keeana brings a refreshing integrity to her music that's hard to come by.

"Let's Make Love" is more than just a song; it's a statement. Keeana's message of "MAKE LOVE NOT WAR" 💜 resonates deeply in today's world, offering a vibrant, uplifting anthem that's perfect for the summer. Her collaboration with notable producers and artists, including Dirty Disco, Yence500, Luca Bisori, and Dan Thomas, adds a rich layer to her music, making it irresistible to dance to, whether you're on the beach or in the club.

Keeana Kee is not just a musician; she's a New York-based singer and model with a style that she describes as Exotic Pop. Her music is a testament to her diverse background, having been raised in London and now based in New York. Keeana's work is a blend of pop, Afropop, and Latin influences that bring a unique taste to the music scene. Her participation in ISINA, Inc., a music talent search and mentoring program, underlines her commitment to her craft and her desire to influence the industry positively.

Keeana's music video for "Sweet Heaven" offers a veiled critique of harsh border policies, showcasing her ability to blend social commentary with her artistic vision. Her first single, "Coconut Rum and Coke," and its accompanying video were a bold statement on sexuality and love, further establishing Keeana as an artist unafraid to explore and express complex themes through her music.

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