Versace James – Shaping the Tech House Scene from Detroit to the World


In the pulsating heart of Detroit's underground music scene, a figure stands out for his dynamic contribution to tech house and dark techno – Versace James. Founder of Guilty Records, James has been a pivotal figure, steering a collective of DJs that resonate with the raw, untamed energy of Detroit's nightlife.

From his early days as "Nasa the Kid" in the hip hop arena to his evolution into a tech house maestro, Versace James's journey is a testament to his versatility and commitment to music. His performances at notable venues like The Magic Stick and Treehouse Miami mark him as a regular fixture in both local and international club circuits.

Versace James's discography, including hits like “Move It Back,” “Go,” “Bando,” and “Mob,” showcases his experimental edge, blending unique sound manipulations into the tech house genre. His tracks are not just music; they're explorations into the depths of sound, earning spots as artist picks on various charts.

As he continues to collaborate and innovate, Versace James embodies the relentless spirit of Detroit's music scene, promising more electrifying projects that will surely captivate the tech house world.

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