"Soniver x Gunel Rusan x Mark Kholmogortsev: A Melodic Union in 'You Stay With Me'"


In an exhilarating blend of dance pop, melodic techno, and house, "You Stay With Me" emerges as a triumphant collaboration between Soniver, Gunel Rusan, and Mark Kholmogortsev. This track is a testament to the seamless fusion of genres and talents, encapsulating the emotional depth of dance pop with the intricate rhythms of melodic techno and house.

The trio draws inspiration from artists like AVAION and MAGNUS, weaving a sonic tapestry that is both uplifting and introspective. "You Stay With Me" is a musical journey that commands the listener's attention, featuring lush melodies, pulsating beats, and an atmospheric depth that beckons for repeated listens. The artists' synergy is palpable, with each bringing a distinct flavor to the table—Soniver's knack for catchy hooks, Gunel Rusan's sophisticated soundscapes, and Mark Kholmogortsev's rhythmic prowess.

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