Diving into the Deep End with Logan Garrett and Skizzy Mars


Logan Garrett's latest tech house track, "Deep End," featuring Skizzy Mars, is a perfect blend of club-ready beats and emotional depth. With roots deeply embedded in hip-hop, Garrett brings a unique twist to the tech house scene by integrating elements that resonate with both electronic music and hip-hop enthusiasts.

"Deep End" emerged from Garrett's admiration for Skizzy Mars, a recurring artist in his playlists. The collaboration aims to merge Garrett's signature club sound with the emotional vulnerability that defines Mars' music. Despite Mars' busy schedule, including a headlining tour and a new album rollout, the chemistry between the two artists flourished, leading to a track that Garrett proudly shares with the world.

Garrett's musical journey is marked by a series of collaborations and performances that highlight his versatility and commitment to the industry. From his aggressive dubstep record "Pitted" to supporting major acts like Kygo and Kx5 at SXSW, Garrett's career is a testament to his dynamic approach to music production. Based in Nashville, TN, he continues to influence the regional music scene and beyond with his innovative tracks and compelling live sets.

This release not only adds to Garrett's growing discography but also sets the stage for further exploration of cross-genre synergies in the tech house domain. Fans of both artists will find "Deep End" a refreshing take on what electronic music can encompass when intertwined with genuine emotion and hip-hop elements.

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