Logan Garrett's "Deep End" featuring Skizzy Mars - A Seamless Blend of Tech House and Emotional Depth


Logan Garrett, a Nashville-based DJ and producer known for his eclectic blend of electronic music and hip-hop, has just released a striking new track titled "Deep End," featuring the talented Skizzy Mars. This tech house gem is crafted for late-night vibes and seamlessly incorporates the emotional vulnerability that defines Skizzy Mars' music.

"Deep End" was born out of Logan’s admiration for Skizzy Mars, a frequent feature in his playlists. The collaboration showcases a perfect fusion of Logan’s tech house beats and the poignant, heartfelt lyrics typical of Skizzy Mars. Despite Skizzy's busy schedule with a nationwide tour and new album rollout, he captured the essence of the track Logan envisioned. The result is a record that resonates with both artists' fans and elevates the tech house genre with its emotional depth.

Logan Garrett’s musical journey has been marked by significant collaborations and solo projects that span various genres, from hip-hop to dubstep and now tech house. His past works, like the dubstep-infused "Pitted" featuring Roscoe Dash and the tech house track “Kelly Rollin” with Subrinse, have garnered national attention, paving the way for "Deep End" to make its mark in the electronic dance music scene.

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