MOTi x Braaheim's Electrifying Take on "In For The Kill"


Renowned DJ and producer MOTi, famous for his collaborations with top-tier artists like Martin Garrix, has teamed up with Braaheim, a rising star from Norway, to remix La Roux's iconic track "In For The Kill". This dynamic duo has transformed the classic into a high-energy dance anthem destined to become a staple in clubs and festivals across the globe.

MOTi, an Amsterdam-based phenom, continues to influence the electronic music scene significantly, having produced hits that resonate on both radio and massive live venues. Meanwhile, Braaheim, known for his creative spins on popular tracks, proves once again that he can turn nostalgic beats into modern masterpieces.

This latest release by MOTi in collaboration with Braaheim isn't just a song; it's a statement. Titled "In It For The Kill", the track promises to captivate listeners with pulsating beats and an infectious chorus that will have everyone hitting the dance floor. The seamless fusion of their unique styles creates an electrifying vibe that's hard to resist.

As the electronic music scene continues to evolve, collaborations like these are setting new standards and pushing boundaries. MOTi and Braaheim are not just participating in the music industry; they are shaping its future with each beat.

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