Adrià Falcó's "Sharjah" - A Mystic Dance of Middle Eastern Vibes


In the world of Progressive and Organic House, few tracks manage to blend cultural depth with club readiness as seamlessly as Adrià Falcó's latest single, "Sharjah." With its captivating Middle Eastern influences and the haunting sound of the duduk—a traditional woodwind instrument—Falcó transports listeners to an exotic soundscape that is as enchanting on dancefloors as it is within the tranquility of one's headphones.

Born in the vibrant region of Tarragona, Spain, Adrià Garcia Falcó has been immersed in music from a young age, starting his journey with piano lessons at the age of five. Hailing from a family rich in musical heritage, Falcó's evolution into electronic music feels like a natural progression of his artistic persona. His deep dive into the genre has been marked by an adventurous spirit, drawing upon his extensive travels through Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America, which have enriched his music with a broad palette of sounds and styles.

Adrià's debut album, "Why not?" released in 2020, is a testament to his eclectic approach, incorporating a variety of electronic genres from techno to electro swing, and featuring unique elements like animal sounds recorded in diverse and remote locations such as the Amazon jungle and the Andes mountains. This innovative approach not only showcases his creativity but also his ability to create a multi-sensory experience through music.

"Sharjah" continues this tradition, proving that music can be a powerful medium for cultural storytelling. The track's ability to maintain a club-friendly vibe while introducing listeners to less familiar sounds demonstrates Falcó's skill in fusing traditional elements with contemporary electronic music.

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