Jens Witzig - "Ready To Go" - A Journey into Euphoric EDM


Get ready to hit the dance floor with Jens Witzig’s latest track, "Ready To Go," a pulsating piece that captures the spirit of happy rave and electronic dance music (EDM). Born and raised in Germany—from Hamburg to Munich—Jens has been a staple in the electronic music scene since he discovered the genre in the 1980s. His journey began in his youth, crafting sounds with his first synthesizers and samplers bought in the mid-90s.

Jens is not only a household name in Munich’s vibrant club scene but also a key figure behind the successful DJ & Producer Convention MIXCON. Since 2017, this event has become a cornerstone for local and international music producers to converge and share their passion for music. Additionally, his side project, the 90s themed HYPER! HYPER!, showcases his versatility, reviving 90s classics with a modern twist.

"Ready To Go" embodies Jens’s extensive background and passion for house music. It’s a track that's both nostalgic and fresh, perfect for any EDM lover looking to feel the heartbeat of Munich's music scene. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer, Jens’s music promises to energize and inspire.

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