Joey Finnz Lights Up the Dance Floor with "Older"


Joey Finnz, a prodigious tech house and electro house artist from Boston, has just dropped his latest track, "Older." Known for his deep-rooted passion for house music, Joey Finnz (real name Joe Williams) combines his extensive experience as an audio engineer and a professional drummer to craft beats that are both innovative and reminiscent of old-school house.

"Older" is a pulsating journey through rhythm and nostalgia, masterfully blending elements of tech house, bass house, and electro house. With over a decade of experience mixing shows and leading bands, Finnz's ability to manipulate sound is evident in every beat. His music not only fills dance floors but also aims to connect and uplift his audience, encapsulating his mission to spread positivity through powerful soundscapes.

Joey Finnz's story is as compelling as his music. Starting his career at 18, he has been behind the scenes of over a thousand shows, each experience contributing to his deep understanding of what moves a crowd. His dual expertise in sound engineering and music production makes him a standout figure in the electronic music scene.

Fans of artists like Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin will find Joey's music both familiar and refreshingly innovative. With "Older," Joey Finnz not only pays homage to the golden era of house music but also pushes its boundaries, ensuring the genre's evolution continues to excite and inspire.

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