ESSEL & Alex Mills Ignite the Dance Floor with "Rave Is the Weapon"


Tech house enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a sonic revolution as Toolroom's distinguished ESSEL and the prodigious Alex Mills join forces, delivering a powerhouse track, "Rave Is the Weapon." Following ESSEL's monumental success with "The Edge," which amassed over 4 million streams and earned nearly 40 plays on Radio One, her return signifies a thrilling continuation of her musical journey. With a prestigious slot at Radio One's 'Big Weekend' and an ever-growing fan base, ESSEL is on the fast track to becoming a tech house legend.

Alex Mills, known for her UK Top 40 hit "Million Dollar Bill" and notable collaborations with icons like Camelphat, Solardo, and Ferreck Dawn, brings her unparalleled vocal talent and songwriting prowess to this collaboration. The synergy between ESSEL and Mills is electric, fueled by their genuine friendship and mutual passion for music. This dynamic duo's track "Rave Is the Weapon" is not just a song; it's an anthem for the dance floor, promising to be a staple in DJ sets and festivals worldwide.

"Rave Is the Weapon" embodies the essence of tech house, with its pulsating rhythms and infectious energy reminiscent of ESSEL's chart-topping hits "Sweat" and "Lennon." The track's compelling lyricism and vibrant beats are a testament to the duo's ability to create music that resonates with fans and keeps the party going until dawn.

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