Essy Lights Up the Synthpop Scene with "Fire Alive"


Emerging synthpop sensation Essy, also known as Rachel Braig, continues to dazzle with her latest single "Fire Alive." This track showcases her unique blend of pop rock and alt pop, highlighted by a memorable bridge kicking in at 2:12. Essy's journey into music began early, teaching herself piano at eleven and swiftly moving into songwriting, which later garnered her placements with top-tier labels and artists such as Atlantic Records' Ship Wrek and Interscope's PHANGS.

"Fire Alive" is a testament to Essy’s evolution from a gifted young musician attending NYU’s prestigious Steinhardt summer program to a seasoned songwriter in Nashville. Collaborating with industry giants like Johnluke Lewis and Jintae Ko, Essy's sound is a mix of introspective storytelling with a clean, organic vocal style, all set to engaging synthpop beats.

This track, alongside her growing discography, exemplifies her "happy-sad" thematic style, pairing emotionally resonant lyrics with dance-worthy rhythms. It’s an audial embodiment of crying and dancing simultaneously, a signature of her music that resonates deeply with her audience.

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