Cook & Stans: "Starting" – A Journey Through Sound


In their latest release, "Starting," Cook & Stans blend progressive house, deep house, and trance elements into a continuously evolving musical experience. The track exudes a retro vibe enhanced by rich sound design that pushes the boundaries of typical progressive tunes. As the song unfolds, it takes the listener on a journey, emblematic of Cook & Stans’ signature style of integrating classical melodies into dreamy, clean soundscapes.

The duo, Cook & Stans, are not just music producers; they are storytellers. Their university education and scientific approach to music composition allow them to create songs that are not only technically sound but also emotionally resonant. Their music is ideal for those seeking an auditory escape, whether traveling through big cities, relaxing after hours, or simply enjoying some background music to unwind.

The single "Starting" exemplifies their ability to maintain interest and thematic beauty throughout their compositions. Cook & Stans' focus on detailed, lush soundscapes makes their music perfect for fans of progressive sounds and those who appreciate a concert-like experience through albums.

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