ZUSO - "Crystal Lights": A Sonic Journey into Escapism


Australian producer Gabriel Cuenca, known by his stage name ZUSO, continues to captivate the electronic music scene with his latest single, "Crystal Lights." Blending elements of Progressive House, Melodic Techno & House, and Breakbeat, ZUSO crafts an atmospheric sound that is both innovative and reflective. His style, often compared to acclaimed acts like Rufus Du Sol, Lane 8, and Tourist, brings a fresh perspective to the genre.

"Crystal Lights" follows the success of previous singles "In The Dark" and "Hold Me," released through Sydney's LOVE CLVB, an affiliate of the renowned Sweat It Out label. This new track showcases ZUSO's ability to weave complex rhythms with lush, melodic beats, creating a tapestry of sound that encourages listeners to lose themselves in a moment of pure musical escapism.

Gabriel describes the creation of "Crystal Lights" as a natural and swift process, drawing inspiration from his earlier EP, 'Lost In Time.' This track aims to evoke feelings of freedom and vivid imagery, offering an auditory escape from daily concerns. ZUSO's dedication to his craft is evident as he prepares for the next phase of his release schedule, promising more auditory delights in the near future.

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