Harper Quinn's "Plaka Dreams" - A Summer Soundscape


Immerse yourself in the sun-drenched vibes of Harper Quinn’s latest track, "Plaka Dreams," a masterful blend of deep house and tropical house elements that promises to transport listeners straight to the serene shores of the Greek Islands. Released under the Soave label, this track is not just music; it's a summer experience crafted into sound.

"Plaka Dreams" stands out with its enchanting mix of chill house beats and the melodious echoes of a tropical saxophone, offering a sonic journey that encapsulates the bliss and warmth of summer. As a Norwegian EDM producer, Harper Quinn has carved a niche for herself with her ability to capture the essence of her summer travels through her music. Her debut original on Soave is a testament to her unique talent, as she blends inspirational sounds from the Mediterranean to create an ethereal vibe that's both captivating and uplifting.

Harper Quinn’s musical journey began with her fascination with the beauty and vibrant spirit of the Greek Islands. Her tracks, including the notable debut single "7 Years" in collaboration with producer Fini, consistently paint a vivid picture of this paradise, making her music the perfect escape for anyone looking to lose themselves in the carefree joy of island life.

As Harper continues to make waves in the music industry, "Plaka Dreams" is set to establish her as a promising artist in the chill and tropical house scenes. This track is not only a musical innovation but also a heartwarming invitation to experience the everlasting warmth of the Greek summer, any time of the year.

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