Alex Cruz and Brascon Bring the Sunlit Vibes with "Malibu"


If you're craving a sonic journey that teleports you straight to sunny beaches, look no further than "Malibu" by Alex Cruz in collaboration with Brascon, featuring Tania Zygar and songwriter Calper. This track is a quintessential example of what happens when masterful producers and artists converge to create a chill, deep house masterpiece.

Alex Cruz, known for his warmth-infused house tunes like the chart-topper "Crazy," continues to showcase his distinctive style with "Malibu." Joining forces with Berlin's own Brascon, this track promises a soulful and uplifting experience, crafted to perfection. Tania Zygar's vocals effortlessly glide over the melody, providing an evocative layer to the composition, while Calper's lyrical prowess adds a hopeful and inspiring touch.

With a history of captivating audiences globally—from electrifying sets in Ibiza to intimate performances at Burning Man—Alex Cruz's ability to blend acoustic and electronic elements has solidified his status in the electronic music scene. Meanwhile, Brascon brings his fresh perspective, enriching the track with his unique sound.

"Malibu" isn't just a song; it's an escape to the serene shores of bliss, meticulously crafted to boost your spirits and energize your soul. Dive into this deep house delicacy and let Alex Cruz and Brascon take you on a melodious retreat to your personal paradise.

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