IN2AM Ignites the Tech House Scene with Debut EP "My Lips"


Emerging from the vibrant corners of the tech house landscape, the fresh duo IN2AM makes a striking entrance with their debut EP, led by the compelling track "My Lips." Released under the auspices of Motive Deep, this track promises to be a staple on dance floors and chill-out sessions alike.

"My Lips" encapsulates a sound that is both infectious and sophisticated, showcasing IN2AM’s ability to blend pulsating basslines with catchy vocal hooks. The production quality is polished, reflecting a maturity in their musical approach that is often rare in debut releases. This track is not just a dance number but a bold statement of artistic identity.

As tech house continues to evolve, tracks like "My Lips" contribute to the genre's dynamic by blending elements of deep house and techno with a more accessible, groove-oriented sound. IN2AM's entry into this scene is timely, as the genre sees a resurgence in popularity, driven by club goers' demand for music that is both energetic and emotionally resonant.

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