Jevin Julian - "Safe Space"


Dive into the nocturnal vibes of Jevin Julian's latest track, "Safe Space," a perfect anthem for your next night drive. This song, characterized by its blend of Tech House, Organic House, and Deep House, offers a unique soundtrack for cruising through the city lights with friends, enveloping you in what Jevin refers to as your "safe space."

At specific moments, such as 1:24 and 1:55, "Safe Space" undergoes transformative shifts that are sure to captivate listeners. At 1:24, the track morphs dramatically, introducing a new mood that adds depth to the night's journey. By 1:55, it sweeps you into a classic house atmosphere, resonating with those who appreciate the core elements of house music.

Jevin Julian's musical journey is marked by his vast versatility and a broad palate that includes electronic sounds, rich rhythms, and a blend of sweet, romantic, and mysterious harmonies. His background is impressive and diverse, from being a band member and beatboxing community founder to producing movie soundtracks and chart-topping hits. This experience shines through in "Safe Space," where his deep musical understanding creates a rich, immersive listening experience.

Jevin's recent partnership with Warner Music Indonesia marks a new chapter in his career, promising more innovative and boundary-pushing music in the near future. With his upcoming third album on the horizon, Jevin Julian continues to establish himself not just as a musician, but as a storyteller whose music resonates with listeners around the globe.

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