Interview: Joey Finnz


In the heart of Boston, amidst the vibrant echoes of its bustling streets, Joe Williams, known professionally as Joey Finnz, is crafting soundscapes that do more than just fill the air; they create connections. An accomplished audio engineer turned DJ and music producer, Joey’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of music. His story is not just about sound but about overcoming personal challenges and uniting diverse communities through the universal language of music.

From Drum Corps to Dance Floors

Joey's love for music ignited at a young age when a parade drum corps' thunderous beats resonated with him so profoundly that it charted the course of his future. "I could feel the bass drums pulsating throughout my chest," Joey recalls. It wasn't just a fleeting moment of awe but the awakening of a lifelong passion. The years that followed saw him saving every penny from his newspaper route to buy his first drum kit, marking the beginning of an enduring affair with rhythm.

Engineering the Perfect Beat

Joey's initial foray into the music industry was behind the scenes. By the age of 18, he was mixing sounds for over a thousand shows across various genres, honing his skills and absorbing every nuance of live music production. But the technical side of music was just one part of Joey's story. His heart beat not just for the machines that amplified sound but for the very act of creation itself.

The Beat of His Own Drum

As he transitioned from audio engineering to performing as a professional drummer and band leader, Joey found his true calling. His dual passion for science and creativity found its perfect outlet. "These two skill sets were a no-brainer for me to explore and merge," he explains. His understanding of sound dynamics and his innate musicality allowed him to lead bands with a unique flair, eventually pushing him towards a new avenue: DJing and music production.

DJing with a Purpose

Joey's expansion into DJing was more than a career move; it was a lifeline. Battling depression and loneliness as part of his bipolar disorder, he found solace and therapy in music. "DJing has helped me to look introspectively and bring people together to dance," Joey shares. His sets are more than just playlists; they are curated journeys that span generations, designed to tell a story and evoke shared emotions.

A Community of Sound

As an Executive Member of the Audio Engineering Society, Joey's influence has grown, connecting him with other key figures in the industry. This network has not only enriched his own music but also strengthened his commitment to community and collaboration. "Community and collaboration in music is near and dear to me," he states, underscoring his belief in the power of collective creativity.

Challenges and Triumphs

Despite his success, Joey remains candid about the challenges of the music industry, particularly the aspects of marketing and self-promotion. "I find promotion to be icky but necessary," he admits. Yet, these challenges have not dampened his spirit; they have instead propelled him to new heights, including becoming a resident DJ for Harvard Square events and festivals.

The Future Sounds Bright

Looking ahead, Joey is excited about the possibilities that lie before him. From collaborations with other artists to the endless pursuit of new creative experiences, he is a man on a mission. "I’d love to collaborate with other artists and look forward to meeting as many new people as I can to create music, experiences, and build community," he says.

In a world often divided, Joey Finnz is a bridge-builder, using his beats to bring people together. His journey reflects his belief in the power of music not just as entertainment but as a force for good, for unity, and for healing. Joey's story is not just about the notes he plays; it's about the lives he touches. And as he continues to evolve as an artist, one thing remains clear: Joey Finnz is just getting started.

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