Aaron Horn - "In Your Arms Again"


Emerging from the experimental electronic scene, Aaron Horn's latest track, "In Your Arms Again," is a harmonious blend of Organic and Lo-fi House music with a touch of Afrobeats rhythm. Known for his Grammy-nominated work and impactful influence in the music industry, Aaron continues to redefine musical boundaries. His new single from the 'All The Love Within' series demonstrates his adept skill in harnessing the power of Ableton to create a dynamic interplay between vocal textures and minimalistic beats, evoking a unique, meditative experience.

Aaron’s prolific career is marked by his ventures into sound therapy and meditation, paralleled with his successful tracks like "Bom Bom" with Sam and the Womp. His expertise has not only graced high-profile venues like Soho House and The Shard but has also integrated into wellness practices, enhancing his music's therapeutic quality. "In Your Arms Again" is not just a song but a journey through sound, crafted to heal and invigorate the listener's soul.

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