Kieran Apter's Hypnotic Journey in "Mizu"


Emerging from the vibrant underground scene of Edinburgh, Kieran Apter showcases his unique blend of Minimal House, Melodic Techno & House, and Deep House in his latest track, "Mizu." Known for his profound skill to infuse warm, cosmic vibes into his music, Kieran continues to captivate the electronic music community with this dark, hypnotic melody that gradually builds in energy, promising a compelling auditory experience.

Since his debut in 2015 with the launch of Tweak_, Kieran has swiftly ascended as one of Scotland’s standout talents. His performances alongside industry icons like Mano Le Tough and Seth Troxler, combined with his releases on prestigious labels such as Stereo MC’s Connected and Braunbeck’s Sol Eterno, have solidified his reputation as a masterful DJ and producer. His monthly residency at Edinburgh's Cabaret Voltaire, alongside memorable sets in renowned venues like Wire Club in Leeds and Sisyphos in Berlin, reflect his versatile and deeply emotional approach to music. Kieran's musical roots are diverse, spanning rock, samba, and hip-hop, thanks to his father's musical influences, which have deeply shaped his sound palette.

"Mizu" epitomizes Kieran Apter's signature style—thoughtful, genre-blending, and raw, making it as much a treat for a night on the dance floor as for introspective listening. Critics from DJ Mag and Mixmag have lauded his ability to deliver music that's both emotive and irresistible, with "Mizu" set to be another feather in his cap.

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