Discover pølaroit's Unique Fusion of Classical and Deep House in "The Organ, Pt. 1"


German electronic duo pølaroit are breaking new ground with their latest EP, "The Organ, Pt. 1". Known for their melodic deep house tunes, pølaroit have ventured into uncharted territory by blending the grandeur of classical organ music with contemporary electronic beats. This audacious project draws deeply from their northern German roots, where the iconic sound of a local church organ resonates strongly with their cultural identity.

The track "Organ Pt. 1" starts the EP with a captivating atmosphere, setting the stage for a transformative listening experience. The duo's innovative approach is evident as they skillfully combine the traditional organ's majestic tones with modern electronic music elements. The inspiration came from a harmonium in their studio, sparking the idea to explore this unique sound fusion. The result is a compelling narrative that builds anticipation and wonder, transporting listeners on a sonic journey that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking.

pølaroit's methodical sound layering illustrates their meticulous crafting process. "By playing chords and simultaneously pulling the organ's stops, we gradually filled the pipes with air, until the full sound of the organ was revealed," the duo explains. This detailed description not only highlights their creative process but also showcases their deep connection to their musical and geographical heritage.

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