Selderv's "Igray" (Steve Bug Remix) - A Tech House Triumph


Tech house enthusiasts have a treat in store with the release of "Igray" (Remix by Steve Bug) from Selderv's latest EP, "New Moon," out now on Poker Flat Recordings. This track is a perfect storm of minimal techno and house, designed to captivate and energize any dancefloor.

Bulgarian-born and Denmark-based producer Selderv, aka Seldjan Dervish, shows off his mastery in electronic music with slick programming and an engulfing atmosphere in "Igray." This track stands out as a dancefloor powerhouse in an EP that shines with creativity. The influence of icons like KiNK is evident, pushing the boundaries of tech house with every beat.

The remix by label boss Steve Bug adds an exquisite layer to the original, amplifying its essence and transforming it into something even more mesmerizing. Known for his precision and innovative approach, Steve Bug delivers a remix that's both a tribute and a reinvention, enhancing the original's charm and injecting it with a fresh, exhilarating vibe.

"Igray" is more than just a track; it's a testament to Selderv's evolving artistry and his collaboration with Yasen Nedelchev, pointing to a promising future in the electronic music scene. This track is not just music; it's a journey designed to elevate the listener's experience to new heights.

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