Slander x William Black Unveil “Keep U Warm” featuring Jordan Shaw


Collaborations often lead to explosive tracks that dominate playlists, and the latest offering from Slander and William Black, featuring Jordan Shaw, is no exception. "Keep U Warm" promises to be a dance floor favorite, delivering a perfect blend of emotive lyrics and upbeat rhythms that are sure to resonate with fans.

Los Angeles-based music producers Derek Andersen and Scott Land, known collectively as Slander, have teamed up with William Black to craft this captivating track. Jordan Shaw adds a touch of magic with his compelling vocals, making "Keep U Warm" not just a song, but an experience. Known for their dynamic production style and ability to evoke deep emotions, Slander and Black’s synergy is palpable in this latest release.

This song is a testament to the prowess of its creators and is poised to make waves in the dance music scene. As dance pop continues to evolve, tracks like "Keep U Warm" are pivotal in pushing the genre forward, engaging listeners with their infectious energy and poignant lyrics.

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