Toby Rose and One Trick Pony Light Up the Dance Floor with "Run Red Lights"


Join the musical escapade as Toby Rose collaborates with the enigmatic One Trick Pony on their latest track, "Run Red Lights." This track is a masterful blend of deep house with a twist of tropical and dance pop influences that promises to keep your feet moving.

"Run Red Lights" is not just another song; it's a journey. Toby Rose, a Scandinavian DJ and producer who has transitioned from producing for others to a thriving solo career, continues to impress with roughly 1 million monthly listeners tuning into his chill-house beats. The song features a unique mix of acoustic guitars and percussion, complemented by soulful vocals that seamlessly transition into powerful, driving synths. This musical blend creates an auditory experience that embodies both the calm of a tropical escape and the exhilarating pulse of dance pop.

One Trick Pony, while shrouded in mystery, brings a captivating allure to the track, adding depth and intrigue. The combination of Toby's melodious hooks and One Trick Pony's unique sound makes "Run Red Lights" a standout track that encapsulates the essence of an adventurous night out.

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