"Come With Me" by Mojave Max, HAWD HITTA, and Rogelio Douglas, Jr.


New Anthem Alert: 'Come With Me' Sets the Dance Floor on Fire

Today marks the electrifying release of "Come With Me," a stellar collaboration between Los Angeles's very own Mojave Max, the dynamic DJ/Producer HAWD HITTA, and the versatile singer/songwriter Rogelio Douglas, Jr. This track, available on Club Level Records, is a tech house gem designed to captivate and energize audiences worldwide.

"Come With Me" brilliantly blends intense build-ups with powerful drums and laser-focused soundscapes, making it a must-have on any dance playlist. Rogelio Douglas, Jr.'s vocals add a perfect commercial sheen to the track, enhancing the intricate vocal and instrumental arrangements laid down by the trio. The song showcases not only their technical prowess but also their ability to create a vibe that keeps the dance floor buzzing.

The collaboration began in a studio session back in Fall 2022, leading to a series of productive encounters that culminated in this outstanding release. Mojave Max, known for his creative tracks inspired by the solitude of the Mojave Desert, and HAWD HITTA, a figurehead in the EDM scene, have brought their A-game, promising more thrilling projects in the future.

Beyond the music, Mojave Max continues to tease audiences with unreleased tracks, while Rogelio Douglas, Jr. tours globally with Postmodern Jukebox. HAWD HITTA is not only touring but also expanding his label's reach, promising more exciting developments from Club Level Records.

For fans and newcomers alike, "Come With Me" is a track that promises to resonate and leave a lasting impression, heralding a series of promising releases from these artists in 2024.

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