Ustrell's "Hurry Up" - A Tech House Reminder to Seize the Moment


In the pulsating world of Tech House, Ustrell's latest track "Hurry Up" emerges as a vibrant sonic masterpiece, freshly released on 3-4-1 Cuts. After his successful remix of "Habas" for FONEMA, the Barcelona-born, Swiss-based DJ continues to make waves, this time with a solo production that musically encapsulates life’s rapid pace.

"Hurry Up" is more than just a dance track; it's a poignant reminder woven through dynamic beats and compelling rhythms, urging listeners to cherish every moment. This track serves as a call to action—hurry up and embrace the present before it slips away. Ustrell’s knack for creating music that resonates on a deeper emotional level shines brightly here, mirroring his experience and growth in the electronic music scene alongside his work with the renowned Spanish duo, Wow & Flute.

The release of "Hurry Up" is timely, reflecting the current trend in the music industry where artists convey meaningful messages through their work, pushing the boundaries of traditional electronic dance music. Ustrell’s seamless blend of energetic beats and thoughtful narratives in "Hurry Up" sets a new bar for what Tech House can represent.

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