AMTRAC's Journey on "Interstate" - Blending Progressive House with Passion


AMTRAC, aka Caleb Cornett, is a name that's well-known in the world of electronic music. He's based in Los Angeles but originally from Kentucky. He's known for making music in the genres of progressive house, melodic techno and house, and electronica. Since making a splash in the music world with his 2011 debut album, Came Along, AMTRAC has consistently pushed the boundaries of electronic music, earning him a well-deserved spot among music aficionados.

"Interstate," his latest track, shows how he's developed and how much he loves music. AMTRAC is known for his dynamic DJ sets and engaging live performances. His new release blends the rhythmic intensity of Progressive House with the emotional depth of Melodic Techno. The track shows off his talent for blending his multi-instrumentalist skills into electronic soundscapes, making for a compelling listen that's as introspective as it is invigorating.

As a producer and remixer, AMTRAC has built up a solid catalogue of originals and remixes, constantly changing his style and influences with each season. His dedication to innovation is clear in "Interstate", where electronic beats meet soul-stirring melodies, crafted to keep the listener on an immersive journey through sound.

This track shows off his technical skills, but it also reflects his personal mantra against stagnation. AMTRAC's music is always evolving, reflecting his current inspirations and moods. Each piece is unique and captivating.

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