Sel's Electrifying Tribute to Friendship in "Ashes to Diamonds"


Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Vienna, Selina Jank, known by her stage name Sel, presents her latest single "Ashes to Diamonds". This track is a heartfelt ode to the treasures of true friendship, marking her second release under the indie label Between Music.

In "Ashes to Diamonds", Sel explores the dual themes of betrayal and loyalty. Following her debut single "Came To Stay", which tackled the pain of deceitful relationships, this new song illuminates the beauty of genuine connections. The narrative begins with a fiery farewell to past grievances, a bold declaration of moving beyond the hurt. However, the core of the song celebrates the pivotal moment when a real friend turns the residual ashes into something as precious as diamonds.

Sel's musical journey, flavored by her early encounters with country music and a deep-seated passion for pop, shines through in her vocal delivery. Her voice, reminiscent of artists like Zoe Wees, carries both the strength and delicacy needed to convey complex emotional landscapes. The production team, including Daniel Weisz on programming and guitar, Marc Miner on bass, and B.B. Cole with background vocals, provides a rich sonic backdrop that complements Sel’s powerful lyrics.

"Ashes to Diamonds" is not just a song; it's a danceable anthem for everyone who has ever discovered a "soul sister" or a "brother from another mother". It’s an invitation to dance through the fire of life, armed with the support of true friends.

As Sel continues to share her personal experiences through her music, her audience is bound to connect deeply with the authenticity and emotive storytelling she brings to the pop scene. With her second single, Sel reaffirms her position as a promising new talent in the electro-pop and dance-pop genres.

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