Blaudzun's "Shades" Illuminates Synthpop with a Touch of Indie Rock Nostalgia


Blaudzun, a seasoned indie rock artist, is back with his new single "Shades," which is set to drop on October 18th. This track is a great mix of '80s-inspired bass synths and an infectious melody that'll be a hit with fans of synthpop and alternative rock. The track was produced in collaboration with indie-rock luminary Marien Dorleijn of Moss, and mixed by Robin Hunt. It's a vibrant anthem for those embracing life’s ebbs and flows.

The song's punchline, "We lived, we loved, let's do it all again," sums up its essence – it's a mix of melancholy and a hopeful persistence. Blaudzun says that "Shades" isn't just another track; it's the heart of the album, and it reflects the optimism we need in these uncertain times. Blaudzun is known for hits like "Promises of No Man’s Land" and the more recent "Real Hero," and he continues to impress with his thoughtful songwriting and knack for memorable hooks.

In an era where synthpop meets indie rock, Blaudzun’s "Shades" offers a fresh yet nostalgic sound that’s perfect for both long-time followers and new listeners looking to explore the depth of modern rock.

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