Discover Brad Carter's Latest Groove: "Temptation" – A Must-Hear Tech House Triumph


Brad Carter, a talented guy from the Netherlands, has just released his seventh track, "Temptation." It's a great mix of old-school house and cutting-edge tech house that's going to be a hit on dance floors and airwaves. Carter started out as a DJ in 2010 and quickly moved on to making beats, initially focusing on hip-hop before branching out into a range of genres, including UK Garage and Baile Funk. In 2022, he made the move to the EDM scene, marking a new chapter in his musical journey.

"Temptation" is a great example of Carter’s dedication and growth within the electronic music realm. This track is perfect for energising any setting, from bustling clubs to intense gym sessions. The track's solid, groovy beats and catchy rhythms show that Carter can mix up infectious energy with a polished sound that respects the roots of house music.

Brad Carter is continuing to push the boundaries of his musical style with "Temptation", which is a clear indication that he's a force to be reckoned with in the EDM world. Keep an eye out for more innovative beats from this versatile artist who's just getting started making waves.

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