Panteros666 - Cyberlink 2XL: A Transcendent Trance Anthem


Panteros666, a key figure in the dance music scene, has released his latest track, "Cyberlink 2XL," under HARD Recs. This trance anthem perfectly captures his signature style: catchy vocal hooks and infectious synth leads that transport listeners to a euphoric digital realm.

About Panteros666

Hailing from Flanders and now based in Paris, Panteros666 has made a name for himself with his anthemic and energetic tunes. His music has been celebrated online and in real life, with features on BBC1 and the Planet Rave playlist. Panteros666’s sound is a mix of real-life dreams and positive energy, which reflects the global dance music community’s fascination with the rave renaissance.

Industry Trends

Panteros666’s work fits in with the current resurgence of trance and rave music, where old-school sounds are mixed with modern electronic elements. This revival is marked by an increasing demand for high-energy tracks that provide an escape into digital and fantastical realms – and "Cyberlink 2XL" is a great example of this.

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