Damian Rausch Delivers Chill Vibes with "Baby" Featuring Tony B.


Damian Rausch is making a name for himself with his latest track, "Baby." This track is infused with exclusive vocals by Tony B, and it perfectly encapsulates the essence of chill house and lounge music. It offers listeners a smooth, relaxed vibe that's ideal for unwinding.

Damian got into electronic music in 2015, with the help of mentors like Chez Damier. He’s worked with some great talents, including Meron T from London, Oscar Barilia, and Thomas Garcia. His music has been featured on Spotify playlists like ‘Deep House Relax’ and ‘Lo-Fi House’, with millions of streams to show for it. It’s clear that he has the ability to blend nostalgic 90s house rhythms with modern deep sounds.

"Baby" is more than just another track; it's a testament to Damian's refined style, highlighted by the professionally recorded vocals of Tony B. This release follows his previous successes and looks ahead to his upcoming vinyl debut on House of Chez in 2023.

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