IN2AM Unveils "Little Bad Thing - Extended Mix" via Motive Deep


IN2AM's latest track, "Little Bad Thing - Extended Mix," is a great example of the latest in Tech House and Deep House. It's got some really enthralling beats and immersive soundscapes. This track is out now on Motive Deep, and it's a deep dive into the sophisticated and pulsating rhythms that characterise these genres.

IN2AM, who've got a knack for blending intricate percussion with atmospheric melodies, are still impressing the electronic music community. "Little Bad Thing - Extended Mix" is a great example of their innovative approach to music production. The track has a great combination of driving basslines and hypnotic synths, so it's ideal for a late-night playlist.

It's clear that Tech House and Deep House are having a big impact on the electronic music scene these days. Artists like IN2AM are pushing the boundaries to create sounds that are both fresh and deeply rooted in dance culture. This track not only adds to their impressive portfolio but also sets the stage for upcoming projects that are eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike.

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