Mau P's "On Again" - A Fresh Pulse in Tech House


Amsterdam's very own Mau P is gearing up to make a splash in the tech house scene with his latest track, "On Again," which is set to be released under the Insomniac Records label. Born Maurits Westveen, Mau P is no stranger to the vibrant dynamics of music, having been nurtured in a family of talented musicians. From a young age, Mau P was into music. He learned to play lots of instruments and at just 14 he fell in love with dance music. His first hit, "Drugs From Amsterdam," made a splash and got him noticed in the busy world of electronic music. Mau P's talent for combining his musical roots with the latest tech house vibes means that "On Again" is not just a track, it's an experience. With a solid foundation of rhythmic beats and a melody that captures the essence of Amsterdam's nightlife, this track is set to become a firm favourite in playlists and dance floors around the globe.

"On Again" is more than just Mau P's latest release; it's a testament to his unwavering passion and creativity, pushing the boundaries of the tech house genre. As he gets support from industry bigwigs and fans alike, Mau P is definitely a rising star to watch.

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