"All The Ladies" by TONG



TONG, a DJ and producer based in San Francisco, is shaking up the tech house scene with his latest track, "All The Ladies." This track, released under the IN/ROTATION label, is set to become a firm favourite in club playlists.

The track has a great combination of pulsating beats and catchy hooks, which is a signature of tech house and really gets people moving on the dance floor. TONG's talent for creating catchy rhythms is clear, as he combines complex soundscapes with groovy basslines that make you want to move. The use of vocal chops that cheer "All The Ladies" not only gives the track a communal vibe but also pays homage to the vibrant nightlife and diversity of San Francisco, which influences much of TONG's music.

As tech house continues to make its mark on electronic music, tracks like "All The Ladies" are crucial. They not only get people moving, but also show how the genre is constantly changing and evolving. TONG’s track could be the perfect anthem for empowering and celebrating women in the clubbing scenes. It aligns perfectly with current musical trends that emphasise inclusivity and empowerment.

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