SACO's Enchanting Dance Pop Journey Continues with "Lost But Free"


Dutch dance music sensation SACO has once again captured the essence of freedom and relaxation in his latest single, "Lost But Free," featuring the soulful Bram Sangster. This track, released under the Soave label, marks SACO's third release of 2024, adding to an already impressive year.

"Lost But Free" is a great example of chill house music, with its relaxing melodies and easy-going beats. The song features SACO's signature smooth guitar riffs, creating a soundscape that’s perfect for both lazy afternoons and lively evenings. Bram Sangster's vocals really bring the track to life, adding a road trip-esque charm that’s hard to resist. Together, they create a sound that's both fresh and familiar, which fits well within the realms of dance pop and deep house.

Coen van Hessen, better known by his stage name SACO, has a fascinating background in music and an even more intriguing personal journey. He started out in music at the age of 11 and then took a break to study medicine. After finishing his studies, SACO returned to music with a newfound passion, which is evident in his current work.

"Lost But Free" is more than just a song; it’s a reflection of SACO’s growth and his dedication to creating music that touches the heart. It follows on from his previous hits like "Take Me Home" and "My Mind", which have collectively been streamed over 90 million times on Spotify. This track is sure to add to that impressive tally, as it speaks directly to the spirit of independence and joy.

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