"Don't Leave Me" by Braaheim x ZANA


Norwegian DJ duo Braaheim has joined forces with the talented singer ZANA to release their latest track, "Don't Leave Me," which is out now on the Soave label. This is their 15th release with the label, and it's been a great year for them. They've really established themselves in the dance music scene. Braaheim is known for their high-energy après-ski sets and extensive touring across Norway. They continue to captivate with their signature sound.

"Don't Leave Me" is a great mix of dance pop and trance, with a happy rave vibe. The track is powered by Braaheim’s expertise in crafting great synths and impactful drops, paired with the grittiest kicks to keep the adrenaline pumping. ZANA's vocals add a compelling layer to the mix, creating a vibrant soundscape that's both invigorating and melodically rich.

As Braaheim keeps making waves with an impressive 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, it's clear that they're making a big impact on the global EDM community. With the support of some big names in the industry and a growing catalogue of tracks that are making an impact, Braaheim is set to be a major player on the charts and dance floors.

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