Serge - "Echoes of Harmony"


Serge's latest track "Echoes of Harmony" brings together the introspective side of progressive house with the rhythmic pulse of deep house. Serge, who's known for his eclectic blend of lounge and house music, has created a sound that combines tranquility with a complex, layered beat structure.

"Echoes of Harmony" is a great example of how Serge's sound is maturing. The track is a carefully crafted mix of ethereal synths and deep, pulsating beats, which create an immersive listening experience. This piece isn't just music; it's a sonic journey that echoes the serene landscapes of Cape Town while also drawing from the darker tones of deep and dark techno.

As deep house keeps developing, artists like Serge are key in pushing the boundaries of what the genre can be. This track is ideal for those who appreciate a blend of soothing melodies and compelling rhythms.

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