KEiiNO Shines Bright with A-Ha's 'The Sun Always Shines on TV' Cover

KEiiNO has once again demonstrated their ability to add their unique touch to pop classics with their latest single, a poptastic cover of A-Ha's 'The Sun Always Shines on TV'. Released on April 21, this release comes almost four years after their first-ever cover of Lady Gaga's 'Shallow'.

'The Sun Always Shines On TV' is a significant part of Norwegian pop history, being the first song by a Norwegian artist to reach #1 in the UK charts back in 1986. As avid fans of A-Ha, KEiiNO has given the song the respect it deserves, while also injecting their signature pop energy. Drawing from late 90s pop influences and the original mid-80s vibe, they've elevated the track's BPM for an even more energetic feel.

Tom Hugo, a member of KEiiNO, expressed his admiration for A-Ha's songwriting and shared his hopes that their cover would introduce new fans to the pop legends. The dance-pop version is sure to get people moving on the dancefloor or burning extra calories at the gym.

Since their TV debut in Melodi Grand Prix and their Eurovision appearance in 2019, the sun has truly shone on KEiiNO. With 25 songs and 150 million streams to their name, the band recently returned to London for two shows and will continue their UK tour later this month. They've achieved 50 million Spotify streams and 40 million YouTube views, all without a label or management. Their music combines electropop with the indigenous song of the Sámi people, and they've won numerous awards, including four Scandipop awards and two Sami Music Awards.

KEiiNO has brought attention to the indigenous Sami culture, being appointed ambassador of the UN's Year of Indigenous Languages in 2019. Inspired by this, they began recording music with indigenous artists worldwide, contributing to the preservation of ancient vocal traditions through modern pop songs aimed at a young streaming audience. Their debut album OKTA features four such collaborations, working with artists like Electric Fields, Te Hau Tawhiti, Dresuz, and Charlotte Qamainq.

Comprising Alexandra, Fred, and Tom Hugo, KEiiNO hails from different parts of Norway and has diverse backgrounds. Yet they share a value motto of 'unity in diversity', with this message deeply rooted in their lyrics. Before KEiiNO, Fred toured with his rap-duo Duolva Douttar, while Alexandra toured as the singer for DJ star Alan Walker. Their dreams were truly realized once they joined forces in KEiiNO, embracing the force that the Sámi believe one can find when connecting with nature.

With their infectious energy and passion for unity, KEiiNO's cover of 'The Sun Always Shines on TV' is a shining example of their talent and commitment to honouring pop history while making it their own.

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