Metodi Hristov's Emotional Journey through Techno: THIS IS WHY

Metodi Hristov, a prominent figure in the techno scene, has released a deeply personal and emotionally charged track, "THIS IS WHY," as part of his "Afraid of the Time" EP on Hypnostate Music. The song is a direct reflection of Hristov's inner turmoil and his battle with time and its inevitable consequences.

In a recent interview, Hristov opened up about the personal struggles he faced while creating this track. The song was born out of a difficult period in his life, during which he found himself consumed by thoughts of time and its relentless nature. These thoughts were not merely fleeting but lingered with him, causing chaos in his life and even leading to two panic attacks.

Turning Pain into Art 

Determined to overcome the negativity and transform his emotions into something positive, Hristov channelled his memories and feelings into music. This creative process gave birth to the "Afraid of the Time" EP, which has "THIS IS WHY" as its standout track. Hristov's vulnerability and sincerity are palpable throughout the song, resonating with listeners who have faced similar struggles.

A message in the music 

In "THIS IS WHY," Hristov features a spoken vocal that says, "This is why I love you..." When combined with the title of the second track on the EP, the statement takes on a deeper meaning: "This is why I'm afraid of time, because I love you/something..." The artist seamlessly intertwines his love for someone or something with his fear of time, creating a powerful and poignant message for listeners to ponder.

The sound of "THIS IS WHY" 

Metodi Hristov's signature techno style is evident in "THIS IS WHY," but the emotional undercurrent adds a unique layer to the track. The pulsating beats and driving rhythms are juxtaposed with the introspective spoken vocal, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for the listener. It's a testament to Hristov's skill as a producer that he can convey such profound emotion through the medium of techno music.

"THIS IS WHY" is a prime example of how music can serve as an outlet for personal growth and healing. Metodi Hristov has bravely shared his emotional journey with the world, allowing listeners to connect with his music on a deeper level. This track not only showcases his undeniable talent as a techno artist but also demonstrates the transformative power of music in overcoming life's challenges.


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