"Flowers in Bloom: ITSUKI MUSIC's Deep House Remix of a Miley Cyrus Classic"


It's not every day that a remix makes you sit up and pay attention quite like ITSUKI MUSIC's latest rendition of "Flowers." Originally a tune by Miley Cyrus, this track has been metamorphosed into a deep house groove that's as refreshing as it is nostalgic.

With a BPM of 122, this remix is not just something you listen to; it's something you feel. It's the very essence of what deep house music is all about. The beats are steady and deliberate, encouraging listeners to lose themselves in the rhythm. You'll find your feet tapping and your body swaying even before you realize it.

ITSUKI MUSIC has carefully crafted each chord and layer, intertwining them with the lyrics in a way that brings new life to the original composition. The bass is deep and resonant, while the synths give off a dreamy, ethereal quality that makes the song feel otherworldly.

The beauty of "Flowers" by ITSUKI MUSIC is its ability to balance complexity with simplicity. While it's rich and full-bodied, it never feels overwhelming. Whether you're a long-time fan of deep house or just dipping your toes into the genre, this remix is a must-listen.

Catch ITSUKI MUSIC's "Flowers" in your favourite streaming services, and let the music whisk you away to a place of tranquillity and groove.

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