Fat Freddy's Drop Celebrates a Decade of 'Blackbird' with a Chill Twist by Feiertag


Ten years after the birth of Fat Freddy's Drop's monumental album 'Blackbird,' the celebration is on. The third offering in a series of remixes, with a unique twist, comes from Dutch producer Feiertag. Known for his innovative artistry blending organic and synthesized drumming, he’s delivered an ambient house reimagining of 'Mother Mother.' It’s nothing short of transformative.

Joining the top lineup of musicians and producers that have come together to breathe new life into this classic, Feiertag's remix adds an effervescent layer of atmosphere that invigorates the soul. With a background in labels such as Majestic Casual and Chillhop Records, the Dutch artist has masterfully transformed 'Mother Mother,' preserving its essence but taking the listener on a new musical journey.

The Blackbird remix album, set to be released on September 29th, demonstrates the band's creative evolution and commitment to pushing boundaries. It also reaffirms their connection with their roots, featuring international artists, including some from their homeland, Aotearoa.

Fat Freddy's Drop has always struck a chord with their mix of disco, rootsy dub, blues, soul, and electronic funk, and now, a decade later, their reach has extended even further. The remixes are not mere retreads; they are fresh takes that transform and multiply the classics.

Feiertag's 'Mother Mother' remix is a beautiful standout, giving new wings to an already soaring track. Fans of the original, prepare to fall in love all over again.


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