Abraham Colona's "Horizon (So Blue)" ft. David Emde: A Serene Musical Journey


Dive into the serene world of deep and tropical house with Abraham Colona's latest track, "Horizon (So Blue)", featuring the soothing vocals of David Emde. This track stands as a testament to Colona's mastery in creating a chill house soundscape that invites listeners to embark on a metaphorical journey far beyond the horizon.

Abraham Colona, a rising DJ/Producer from Peru, has quickly made a name for himself in the electronic music scene. With over two million total plays and collaborations with top labels like Soave and Paraiso Records, Colona's music is synonymous with the tropical summer vibe. His notable tracks include "My Escape", with over half a million plays, and "I Will Never Forget You", which reached a million plays in just three months.

"Horizon (So Blue)" showcases Colona's unique ability to blend muted guitars and acoustic elements, creating an instrumental piece that's smoother than butter. David Emde, known for his hit single "Crazy Maze", lends his delicate vocals to the track, enhancing its soothing and blissful nature. This collaboration is a must-listen for anyone looking to experience musical tranquility.

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