Braaten x Heleen - "Hourglass" Review


Norwegian electronic music artist Braaten, known for his dynamic range and versatility, has teamed up with Dutch singer-songwriter Heleen to create "Hourglass," a track that stands as a testament to their combined artistry. With a career spanning over a decade and a diverse portfolio that crosses multiple genres, Braaten has consistently proven his ability to evolve and adapt, capturing the hearts of over 750,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

"Hourglass" marks the beginning of Braaten's 2024 campaign, following a remarkable year that has only added to his momentum. The track is a perfect blend of deep and tropical house, showcasing Heleen's soulful voice against the backdrop of Braaten's fluid and organic production. It's a song that feels like a warm embrace, inviting listeners to hold on tightly and get lost in its melodic progression and lyrical depth.

Braaten's journey in music, starting in 2006 and including his role in the duo Braaten & Chrit Leaf, has led him to achieve millions of streams across platforms and perform at Norway's biggest après-ski club. His work, characterized by a willingness to explore and incorporate various musical styles, has made him a standout figure in the electronic scene.

"Hourglass" is not just another track; it's a musical experience that showcases the depth and breadth of Braaten's skills and Heleen's vocal prowess. Together, they create a sonic landscape that is both enchanting and uplifting, proving that music can indeed stop time, even if just for a moment.

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